Help on Compaq Laptop Presario 3000 AMD Athlon 64 -Nvida-gforce3 chipset

Kangaroo saigon_ca at
Sun Jan 2 18:50:49 PST 2005

I need help on instaling freebsd 5.3 AMD64 on my lap top.

When I boot from cd rom, The system boot up to menu screen
show 1...7 where 2 eg. boot with disable ACPI...
My system automatically shutdown when I press any key from
1 or 7 or just press enter. I mean it SHUTDOWN my machine.
What is wrong... 
I have follow the instruction from the web I need to
disbale some IO.. from BIOS. But my bios has no option to
do that. Is any one has the same LAPTOP I have? 

saigon_ca at

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