Installation instructions for Firefox somewhere?

Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at
Mon Feb 28 20:15:36 GMT 2005

RacerX writes:

> The hardware has ran for over 8 years - you don't think that after 8 years
> its going to show wear and tear? I do/would.

It's not going to suddenly fail on the very day and hour that I install

> We as humans are not perfect - so that means the things we make can't be
> perfect either. They will break down, even die. I suspect that if you put
> in new hardware, the issues will remove themselves.

No, they will not.  Unless someone can explain to me what the problem is
with FreeBSD, the only way to resolve the issues is to reinstall Windows
NT, which doesn't seem to have a problem with these SCSI drives.


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