What am I doing wrong with MOUNT?

Nathan Kinkade nkinkade at ub.edu.bz
Mon Feb 28 18:04:13 GMT 2005

On Mon, Feb 28, 2005 at 09:15:23AM -0800, Gerald Lightsey wrote:
> My surprise is that every indication I get after I regain control of the
> system is that the database tables are being built within the ORIGINAL /var
> directory structure rather than the 120gb drive mounted on the /var
> mountpoint.  If I use the df command while drive 1 is mounted it shows that
> /var on disk 0 is full and /var on disk 1 just has whatever I copied onto
> the drive when it was mounted to a temporary mount point.  Also by
> experimentation/confirmation  I find that simply creating a couple of new
> databases within MySQL while drive 1 is mounted on /var shows that the
> databases have been created on the original /var on disk 0 as directories
> after disk 1 is unmounted. 
> What am I doing wrong or what don't I understand about a drive being mounted
> on /var where data is being written underneath it to the original
> /var/db/mysql/mydatabasename on disk 0 rather than onto the mounted disk 1?

What are the outputs of the commands ``mount'' and ``df -h''?  Are you
sure that you are first unmounting the partition on disk 0 that is
mounted at /var before you mount the new disk (1) at /var?  Did you
reboot at any point?  Keep in mind that you will need to alter the file
/etc/fstab to let the system know that it now needs to be mounting the
single slice from the new disk at /var.

Here is quick rundown on how you could achieve your goal:

1) Mount the new disk at at /mnt with something like:
	# mount /dev/ad1s1a /mnt
2) Copy everything from your original /var partition to the new one:
	# cd /var && tar cf - ./ | (cd /mnt && tar xvpf -)
3) Edit /etc/fstab from something like:
	/dev/ad0s1e		/var	ufs		defaults		1 2
	/dev/ad1s1a		/var	ufs		defaults		1 2
4) Unmount old partition from /var and mount new one at /var:
	# umount /var && mount /var

There may be an error or two in this, but it should serve to give the
general idea.  Also, you may want to reallocate the partition formerly
mounted at /var for something else?

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