gnomeapplets build failure

Ben Munat bent at
Mon Feb 28 03:29:12 GMT 2005

Ah. Thanks. That did it. Maybe the build script should just check for the existence of the 
kernel source and error out immediately with an informative message rather than print a 
message that just flies by amidst thousands of lines of output?


Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> On Sun, 2005-02-27 at 17:08 -0800, Ben Munat wrote:
>>Hello. I've been using gentoo for awhile, but when a disk failure meant a reinstall of my 
>>OS, I figured I'd give FreeBSD a shot. I got my system up and running fairly quickly by 
>>using all binary packages off the CD. Liked the quickness of that, but I've been 
>>struggling to get everything upgraded to the latest versions from the ports tree ever 
>>since. Maybe I've been doing stuff wrong, but I've had about a dozen build failures, 
>>mostly due to portupgrade's reluctance to upgrade some packages. I've slowly whittled away 
>>at these by deinstalling/reinstalling and I'm down to two packages... gnomeapplets and 
>>gnome2-lite. But now I get a real build error and I'm stuck... something to do with acpi. 
>>I'll paste the output below. Would appreciate any help.
> Read the message that's printed when you start to build gnomeapplets2.
> You need the FreeBSD kernel source installed in /usr/src (or you need to
> set the FREEBSD_SYS variable to point to the location where the kernel
> source is installed).
> Hopefully, this need will go away in the future when the ACPI headers
> are copied to /usr/include.
> Joe

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