gnomeapplets build failure

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Mon Feb 28 01:28:41 GMT 2005

On Sun, 2005-02-27 at 17:08 -0800, Ben Munat wrote:
> Hello. I've been using gentoo for awhile, but when a disk failure meant a reinstall of my 
> OS, I figured I'd give FreeBSD a shot. I got my system up and running fairly quickly by 
> using all binary packages off the CD. Liked the quickness of that, but I've been 
> struggling to get everything upgraded to the latest versions from the ports tree ever 
> since. Maybe I've been doing stuff wrong, but I've had about a dozen build failures, 
> mostly due to portupgrade's reluctance to upgrade some packages. I've slowly whittled away 
> at these by deinstalling/reinstalling and I'm down to two packages... gnomeapplets and 
> gnome2-lite. But now I get a real build error and I'm stuck... something to do with acpi. 
> I'll paste the output below. Would appreciate any help.

Read the message that's printed when you start to build gnomeapplets2.
You need the FreeBSD kernel source installed in /usr/src (or you need to
set the FREEBSD_SYS variable to point to the location where the kernel
source is installed).

Hopefully, this need will go away in the future when the ACPI headers
are copied to /usr/include.


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