glabel - refuses to label >= g partitions

Peter Schuller peter.schuller at
Sun Feb 27 12:20:15 GMT 2005

If I do:

glabel label somelabel /dev/ad1s1g

geom_label labels /dev/ad1 instead of /dev/ad1s1g[1]. However
labeling /dev/ad1s1{a,b,d,e,f} worked fine. But /dev/ad1s1{g,h}
does not (and probably not the rest above h either).

Any idea what to do about it?

I did some cursory checks to make sure that the glabel tool does
not mangle the name of the device. The name does seem to propagate down
unmangled all the way to g_metadata_clear() and g_metadata_store().
After that I'm not sure how the changes are picked up by the
kernel, so I stopped.

[1] I.e., glabel "list" reports what you would expect after
    a "glabel somename /dev/ad1", and the kernel log contains:
       GEOM_LABEL: Label for provider ad1 is label/somelabel

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