Matlab on FreeBSD 5.3

Santo Natale tinotom at
Sun Feb 27 11:53:21 GMT 2005

I managed to install matlab 6.5 on a freebsd 5.3, but I can't tell you exactly how I
did now, since I have no matlab here.
I remember that I played a bit with scripts regarding the detection of architecture ( I
just edited these scripts and forcely set environment variable to i386 or so ) and did few
other modifications, but they were quite simple.
You should manage to get it running, however.
hope this gives you one more hope :)
santo natale

On Sun, Feb 27, 2005 at 11:37:04AM -0000, cali wrote:
> I've tried installing Matlab 13 on FBSD5.3 according to the handbook but I 
> can't get it to work. This is pretty annoying since it cost a lot of money. 
> I was really stupid, in that, I had a years technical support from 
> Mathwords, but kind of gave up because their suggestions got me nowhere and 
> it was quicker just to use a pirated copy on windows than follow their 
> suggestions when really that was the perfect opportunity to continually 
> badger them; since I was paying for it they were obliged to respond...
> The problem is the license manager as far as I can tell, I can't seem to 
> get it to start.
> OK, there are a lot of different pieces of information I could post at this 
> point, but I'm not sure which are most relevant. So, first of all, I think 
> a sensible question I should ask is this:
> Has anyone on this list got Matlab 13 (aka 6.5) running on FBSD5.3? If so, 
> did you do this by following the instructions in the handbook verbatim, or 
> some other way?
> thanks
> cali 

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