Received mail timestamp is off by 7 hours

Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at
Sun Feb 27 10:27:28 GMT 2005

Pat Maddox writes:

> Alright, I got it all working now.  Not sure how to change the time
> zone with config files, so I just used sysinstall to change it to MST
> (time zone is arbitrary, but since this is the zone I live in, it's
> convenient for me).

Well, no, time zone isn't arbitrary, it needs to be chosen carefully.
Normally you set it to the time zone the machine is actually in (though
for remote servers one can set it for the time zone the machine actually
serves).  Time zone can also influence the changeover dates and times
for Daylight Saving Time, if that is used (if you're in Arizona, it's
not).  I'm not sure how this is handled in FreeBSD, but it always seems
to magically set itself on my machines at the appropriate time.

Even more important, however, is setting the real-time clock
to UTC.

> Thanks for pointing that out to me. I just thought that CET was
> central time :)

I think Central Standard Time is CST.


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