Installation instructions for Firefox somewhere?

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Sat Feb 26 22:37:33 GMT 2005

Kevin Kinsey wrote:

> Well, I've been under the impression for a while that sysinstall
> is not necessarily reliable ...

<big snip>

I need to add, in order that my previous post not go into the archives
as "absolute" fact, and that I not be considered by the general public
as more of an idiot than I might already have confirmed, that I
don't use sysinstall for much, and did just go back into that
program to the location  "Configure > Options", where you can set
an  {environment?} variable for sysinstall to look for a certain

Now, if that can be set to "CURRENT" (or, more likely, "HEAD"),
then sysinstall might well grab you a current ports index ... if
it can do *that* at all.

I am sure that if your sysinstall is set to, say, 5.1-RELEASE (which
is no longer supported), it's not likely to find any packages at all.

Sorry for the FUD, if it's considered thusly.  

Kevin Kinsey

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