Is Yahoo! moving from FreeBSD?

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Sat Feb 26 12:38:16 GMT 2005

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> Ted Mittelstaedt writes:
> > That might be true but what is also true is that when such managers
> > win, they win very very big.
> Big risk, big potential return.  But not everyone wants to gamble.
> > So big that in the sum total of things, their wins bring in far more
> > money to the company than anything that the conservative managers do.
> Sorry, but I really don't see how replacing Windows with an open-source
> solution or anything of that nature would bring in far more
> money to any
> company.

I do.  For one thing you can just stop with the site licensing fees.
For another you can lay off half your IT staff that you hired to spend
their days running around and cleaning viruses and trojans off the
systems that get past the AV filters.  And this is to say nothing of
now you don't have your IT staff running around putting machines back
to rights because the employee has brought a disk of something in from
the outside, and tried installing it and it blew her system.

Why do you think that Gates announced a few weeks ago that Windows
AntiSpyware will be free after the beta period?  Do you think that the
large corporate customers all are sitting around wondering why everyone
else is so upset over the amount of lost time consumed by viruses?

> > Open Source/FreeBSD isn't playing it safe, but it isn't a
> reckless risk
> > either.
> Technically it's not much of a risk, but politically and in business
> terms it can be a considerable risk.

Provide support for this statement.


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