Installation instructions for Firefox somewhere?

albi at albi at
Sat Feb 26 12:02:27 GMT 2005

On Sat, 26 Feb 2005 12:41:52 +0100
Anthony Atkielski <atkielski.anthony at> wrote:

> I'm currently struggling with the Xfce environment and I'd like to
> install Firefox, but neither the Firefox site nor anywhere else I've
> looked thus far has comprehensive installation instructions for the
> product on FreeBSD (or any flavor of UNIX, apparently).

1) if you want to use the plain FreeBSD-version you have basically 2
(easy) options :
a) if you're sticking to RELEASE, a pkg_add -r firefox should work
b) cd /usr/ports/www/firefox/ ; make install clean

2) if you want to use the linux-version, check the /usr/ports/www/
linux-firefox port

if you've never used the ports, make sure to read this :
and /usr/ports/UPDATING

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