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Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at toybox.placo.com
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> On Thu, Feb 24, 2005 at 10:53:01PM -0800, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> > The problem is that the cheap color inkjets on the market are all
> > winprinters these days.  So you have to go there if you want to print
> > color.
> Over the years I've had a couple of inkjet printers, starting with a
> Deskjet 500. All of them had trouble with ink cartridges drying out
> after a couple of weeks non-use.

This is a thing of the past with the new Epson inkjets that use the

> And with that ink being rediculously
> expensive, I decided not to bother with inktjets anymore. I had a
> Laserjet 5L for about 6 years, I think. It was still on the
> original toner
> cassette when I gave it to a friend.

Those are rated something around 5000 prints.  I go through that in
a year and a half on my HP 4+

> Another department of a company I used to work for designed and
> manufactured parts for (consumer) inkjet printers for HP and
> others. According to the people who worked there, those printers were
> definitely not engineered to last.

This really depends on the printer.  If your talking the HP Deskjets 5xx
that whole 5xx model line - then yes.  If your talking the earlier Epson
ESC printers, then no.  The big problem with those in fact was that they
were designed to be used in business that was printing all the time and
without enough printing they would dry up, and if that happened since the
print head was separate from the ink, it would ruin the printer.  But,
they worked forever as long as you kept them printing.

This also wasn't true for the HP deskjet 1600 as that was also an
printer - it took HP printserver cards, and also came with a postscript

Today though things have changed a lot - HP and the other printer
manufacturers have definite lines that are business and that are
consumer, and inkjets are in both lines.

> As for winprinters, I decided not to buy any printer if it
> doesn't understand
> postscript. Life's too short to go hunting after obscure drivers.

To all my other FreeBSD systems, the Epson C84 IS a color Postscript
printer.  It's only a winprinter to the FreeBSD system that is doing the
conversion from Postscript to Epsonspeak.

> And color laserprinters are coming down in price. I recently bought a
> Color Laserjet 2550L for € 439,-. Installing it amounted to feeding the
> ppd file to CUPS. And it works every time. The colour output might not
> be up to six-colour inkjet with special photo paper, but It Works For
> Me.  If it lasts as long and trouble-free as my old 6L, I consider it
> money well-spent.

That's a 600 dpi print engine.  And the 5000 page print at 5% for each
cartridge means 250 pages at 100% coverage per cartridge.  Thus, if your
thinking of printing pictures - forget it.  You might get 500-1000 pages
of pictures then all 3 color cartridges will be exhausted, and that's
a $300 bill to replace them all.

These kinds of color laserjets are good for businesses where they are
printing graphs and reports that make use of color.  The image quality
isn't really good enough for photo or high quality picture and the
cost per page for printing pictures is pretty high.  By contrast the
HP 1200 inkjet is a 1200 dpi printer.  Ink cartridges are rated at 1750
pages at 5% and cost $34 per cartridge, which puts them comparable to
the HP color laserjet cartridges in price.  The printer itself is
less than half the cost of the 2550L.


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