Portinstall/upgrade stops with no error

Doug Lee dgl at dlee.org
Sat Feb 26 05:54:03 GMT 2005

System: FreeBSD-STABLE (4.10).  Ports updated recently, but I've had
trouble with the database and probably never straightened it out.

Problem:  "portinstall lang/perl5.8" and other similar attempts to
install ports abort quietly.  With -v, I just see session started,
nothing installed or upgraded, session ended.  I can install any port
via make install though (perl is going in now thus).  I have run pkgdb
-fu, then pkgdb -F, then just in case, pkgdb -fu again; no change.
I've run make index several times, but not today (this is a P166, so
make index takes a while).

I think my ports database must be irreparably hosed, but I welcome
suggestions on how to salvage things. :-)

Please Cc me.

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