Transfering from SCSI to IDE ?

David Kelly dkelly at
Thu Feb 24 22:06:29 GMT 2005

On Thu, Feb 24, 2005 at 09:50:40PM +0100, J65nko BSD wrote:
> Maybe you should forget about the Ghost shortcut, and not ignore 30
> years of Unix backup history ;)

I agree that Ghost is the wrong tool. IIRC there is a *BSD or Linux
Ghost-workalike standalone bootable CDROM. Still don't believe I'd use
that myself when everything needed is already under my fingertips.

> Use "dump" to make a backup of your SCSI disk. Do a minimal FBSD
> install on your IDE disk, using a similar partition and disklabel
> scheme as the FBSD install on the SCSI disk.
> Now use "restore" to transfer the backups to the IDE disk.

Is easier to use dump piped into restore. Write directly to the target
in the final form.

> Please note that "dump" and "restore" work on complete filesystems.

Only dump works on the entire fs. Restore writes files. You can
selectively restore. Can also restore to larger or smaller filesystems,
directories, new or old.

While there is great value in having an exact image of a working system
for quick restore, there is also great value in documenting one's
configuration then "clean house" periodically to build a clean system
and prove one's documentation.

I like to keep a list of important and customized files such as
/etc/hosts, then use this list as an argument to tar for selective
backups. "ls -1d /var/db/pkg" provides a list of installed ports. Then
if/when time comes to build a new machine the tar archive and list of
installed ports is 99.9% of the sweat.

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