PPP providors (partial success!)

Bob Johnson bob89 at eng.ufl.edu
Thu Feb 24 18:33:05 GMT 2005

Peter C. Lai wrote:

 >I signed up for netscape, becauase hey, it's 1 month free trial anyway. So
 >technically, I'm an AOL luser now *hangs head in shame* :-/ (after 
 >into the POP, you end up on AOL). The good thing is, I can use the 
 >windows DUN with MS CHAP authentication, so after I get freebsd setup, I'm
 >gonna try configuring ppp. Currently POP login name obfuscation is:
 >"username at netscape.aol.com" where username is the one you are given when
 >you setup the account (typically nsJohnDoe). The password is not 

I'm jumping in a bit late, but I was looking for a cheap/free dialup service
last year and it looked like http://www.copper.net was a good candidate.
I ended up using a public port at a library, so I don't have actual 
with them.

- Bob

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