Qlogic ISP 2200, DL-380 and EVA 5000 SAN; how?

Morten Liebach m at mongers.org
Thu Feb 24 09:28:27 GMT 2005

On 2005-02-22 11:54:07 -0800, Matthew Jacob wrote:
> > 
> > These things look OK, we have both Linux, Windows and HP-UX hosts on the
> > same SAN with the same setup for them.
> Can you clue us in on the actual lun setup exported by the array?

500 GB volume exported on LUN 1 single-path.  WWPN is autodetected by
the SAN management software and is correct, so at least some data does
come through.

> Or give us a /proc/scsi/scsi output dump?

No such file. (And yes, /proc is mounted).
> Can you tell us the connection topology other than "same SAN"? 

A fiber goes straight from the SAN, a HP StorageWorks HSV 110 box, to a
HP StorageWorks SAN Switch 2/8-EL, to which the Qlogic HBA is connected.

I hope this was what you wanted to know.

We tried 5.3-RELEASE on the box, same difference.

Have a nice day

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