Qlogic ISP 2200, DL-380 and EVA 5000 SAN; how?

Matthew Jacob lydianconcepts at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 19:54:09 GMT 2005

> These things look OK, we have both Linux, Windows and HP-UX hosts on the
> same SAN with the same setup for them.

Can you clue us in on the actual lun setup exported by the array?
Or give us a /proc/scsi/scsi output dump?

Can you tell us the connection topology other than "same SAN"? 

> > LUN 0 looks like it's just a management LUN. A disk device would come
> > up as "Direct Access", not "Storage Array".
> Thanks, and have a nice day
>                                 Morten

Sure- we'll try! Hopefully you too!

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