Booting problems

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Thu Feb 24 02:02:04 GMT 2005

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> Teilhard Knight wrote:
>> I am not an expert on FreeBSD and I am not an expert on hardware.
> Neither am I, but...
>> The error I get is: "panic no BSP found". Anyone has
>> an idea of what that means? I'll give you my configuration file just in 
>> case someone takes the trouble to have a look at it. My machine is the HP 
>> t730m,
>> 3GHz HT, 512 Meg of RAM.
> (sznipp)
>> # To make an SMP kernel, the next two are needed
>> options SMP # Symmetric MultiProcessor Kernel
>> options APIC_IO # Symmetric (APIC) I/O
> BSP sounds suspiciously like something that has something to do with SMP 
> (we're getting really technical here, eh?). I would try removing those two 
> options from your kernel config and/or disabling Hyperthreading in BIOS, 
> if that's an option.

Thank you Toomas for taking the time. I commented out the two lines you 
suggested and unfortunately not even in that way I have a working kernel. 
When the system tries to boot it just shows the lame symbol "|" and then 
after a few seconds it reboots. I'll go through the configuration file again 
and try to see if something was related to a symmetric multiprocessor.  I 
wouldn't like to disable hyperthreading in the bIOS because what would be 
the point of having an HT processor? Any more ideas from your part would be 
highly welcome.


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