get local sendmail to use MX records

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Wed Feb 23 18:19:46 GMT 2005

Hi Greg,

I'm absolutely sure that this is not the case anymore. I removed everything.

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> Gerard Meijer wrote:
>> No, that is not the solution. It could be, but it's not what I want.
>> An example:
>> domain:
>> is hosted on server B. The MX record for says that 
>> server A handles the mail of So anyname at should be 
>> handled by server A.
>> This works, but now on server B there runs a script that sends an e-mail 
>> to gerard at . What SHOULD happen is that sendmail on server B 
>> looks up the MX record for, sees that server A handles the 
>> mail for and sends the mail to server A. What happens is that 
>> sendmail recognizes the domain as hosted on that machine and uses 
>> localhost to deliver the mail. It looks for user gerard (in this 
>> example), which doesn't exist.
>> I agree with you, a solution would be to set in the alias file of server 
>> B something like gerard: root at . If this was about just one 
>> e-mailaddress, it wouldn't be a problem, but I'm actually talking about a 
>> little more then one address.
>> So that's not a good solution for me.
> If I followed you correctly, "server B" *formerly* was the appropriate end 
> point for mail for "". If that is true, then on server B, the 
> sendmail config probably indicates that mail destined for is 
> delivered locally. Remove that indicator and it should revert to MX lookup 
> behavior to find the appropriate handler for the domain. There may be 
> multiple places in the sendmail config where is named for 
> different purposes. Hunt them all down and kill them.
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