SSH terminal locking up from OS X to FreeBSD

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Tue Feb 22 22:04:10 GMT 2005

jim at wrote:

>I have been having problems when connecting to a FreeBSD
>box (4.7-RELEASE-p27 FreeBSD #38) from Mac OS X. The 
>typical scenario is that I ssh from the OS X box to
>the FreeBSD box:
>  ssh user at
>After I login, if there is no screen or cursor movement  
>for a minute or two, the terminal stops responding. The 
>OS X box is using tcsh and has 'set autologout=0'.
>I have tested several machines and here are the results
>I am getting:
>   FROM      TO     RESULT
>   ====     =====   ======
>   OS X     FBSD    lockup
>   OS X     Linux   ok
>   Linux    FBSD    ok
>It looks like an alergic reaction between OS X and FBSD,
>but I don't have a clue where to start looking to 
>track this down.
>Any ideas on what this is or how to debug it would be
ssh -vvv user at somebox   ??

I assume that they haven't removed the verbosity
options from the Mac implementation, have they?

Might show you something ...

Kevin Kinsey

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