Partial web page loading

Scott Stevenson scott at
Tue Feb 22 17:57:19 GMT 2005

I wrote:

> Essentially, web content (text and images alike, it seems)
> occasionally fails to load in entirety. I personally haven't be
> able to recreate this yet, but a few people have sent me
> emails about it. I didn't hear anything about this prior to
> switching to FreeBSD. This is the exact same content I had
> running on a Red Hat-based machine running the same version of
> Apache.

I've done a bunch of research and testing on this, and received a 
follow-up email from one of the people that originally reported the 
problem (attached below, sorry about the length).

I've determined that the files on the server are completely intact and 
don't appear to have any stray control characters embedded in them. 
I've considered the possibility that this is a PHP bug, but that 
doesn't explain the issues with image downloads or the CSS file. It 
appears the outgoing data is actually getting munged. The problem even 
occurs just using wget. I haven't been able to personally recreate 
this, but he can every time.

This sure looks a lot like something's overwriting memory in place 
where it shouldn't.

Any ideas? Should I post this to the bug list?


      - Scott


> Could you try the site again and let me know what you find? I found 
> and corrected a minor issue.

Sorry, no improvement..

I looked a bit closer and it seems to be some weird networking related 
problem. If I look at:

I see this at the end of the page source:

here's no filler here. Stay entirely focused on the contents of each 
	<p class="extranote">
	special thanks to Kip Krueger a0

This is the end of:

		<div class="body">
		NSPasteboard<br />
		NSCell<br />
		NSComboBox<br />
		NSComboBoxCell<br />

		NSMenuItem<br />

Same with the main page:

<a href="/articles/000063.php">Table Views</a><br />
				<a href="/articles/000037.php">Toolbars</a>0

If I fetch one of those pages (000082.php) with wget from the command 
line I get only this at the end:

                NSMenuItemCell<br />

         Cocoa strongly encourages <em>expressive,

The main page:

<a href="/articles/000037.php">Toolbars</a><br />
                                 <a href="/articles/000056.php">Drag and 
Drop</a><br />

And the weirdest thing is that I can't access your site at all from my 
router (also a Linux box). Hmm. This is really, really weird, it also 
doesn't work when I disable shorewall (IP Masquerading, firewall) 

What webserver are you using?


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