Email and scheduling etc sigh -- Was Need IMAP Server SelectionAdvice

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Mon Feb 21 11:21:04 GMT 2005

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> >
> > > I had been admin' a moderatly sized
> (cyrus/exim/spamassasin/clam-av)
> > > setup until recently when we switched to the darkside.
> (Don't ask, it's
> > > still to painful to think about.)(If you're still curious
> it had nothing
> > > to do with email capabilities but with scheduling
> capabilities and the
> > > darkside client)
> >
> This is the _BIG THING_ from managers ....
> Even thouogh I had found and trialled 2 - 3 grooupware ports ... the
> managers wanted the darkside thing....
> The perceived problem with all my previous offerings - they are web
> based!
> Even though the functionality re calendering, group schedule manegement
> (and tons more functions well outside of the darkside capabilities) was
> all there... it didnt look like the stuff other execs were
> using... cant
> it sync with my PDA (some can) ... why do I need to go to a
> web site and
> go through that login stuff (ever heard of security? and you gotta do
> this in a different fashion with micro$lop anyway)

What is funny about this story is about 2 years ago I installed IMP at
the ISP here strictly to provide a webinterface to the mailserver.  I
enabled Kronolith just purely for my own interest but left it open.

Fast forward to today when I want to upgrade to IMP 3 - you guessed it,
a huge number of customers are using the calendar now, so exporting
and importing to the newer version is now going to be a Big Thing.

I guess when they have to pay for it, it suddenly becomes a lot more
interesting... :-/


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