Email and scheduling etc sigh -- Was Need IMAP Server Selection Advice

Murray Taylor mtaylor at
Mon Feb 21 05:30:08 GMT 2005

> > I had been admin' a moderatly sized (cyrus/exim/spamassasin/clam-av) 
> > setup until recently when we switched to the darkside. (Don't ask, it's 
> > still to painful to think about.)(If you're still curious it had nothing 
> > to do with email capabilities but with scheduling capabilities and the 
> > darkside client)

This is the _BIG THING_ from managers .... 

Even thouogh I had found and trialled 2 - 3 grooupware ports ... the
managers wanted the darkside thing.... 

The perceived problem with all my previous offerings - they are web

Even though the functionality re calendering, group schedule manegement
(and tons more functions well outside of the darkside capabilities) was
all there... it didnt look like the stuff other execs were using... cant
it sync with my PDA (some can) ... why do I need to go to a web site and
go through that login stuff (ever heard of security? and you gotta do
this in a different fashion with micro$lop anyway)

> I'm sorry to hear that.  I've not had any problem with the few
> darkside clients connecting to my server (only 4 accounts, so not a
> big deal).  

We also ran 200+ users in several states via WAN on the Cyrus IMAP
server with various MUA's from FreeBSD and the Outlook clients...
With 698 days of uptime too... (had to move the server to a new building
and nobody but me could see the point of moving it still attached to its
UPS... luddites)

> Lou
Murray Taylor

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