USB drive - crypto filesystem options?

Louis LeBlanc FreeBSD at
Mon Feb 21 01:40:39 GMT 2005

Hey folks.

I have just become the proud owner of a fancy new 1GB USB 2.0 drive;
one of those cool new gadgets no bigger than my pinky that holds 1
Billion bytes of data.  Naturally, I can't wait to play with it :)

Well, I know that USB 2.0 support is kinda sketchy, and I've already
decided it's not stable on the ICH5 USB controller that comes with the
Dell Dimension 8300.  Regardless, I have confirmed that I can get the
little gadget mounted (comes pre-formatted with an MSDos filesystem)
without the slightest hangup.  Yay me.

So, now what I want to do is see what kind of filesystem options I
have with this little gem.  Ideally, I would like to get an encrypted
filesystem that requires a password to mount it.  Of course, I've
checked the ports, but I don't know much about this area, and I don't
know if I'm even using the right search keys.  A little googling
revealed a great article at "The FreeBSD Diary"
( that discusses cfs.
Sounds cool, move to the top of the list - ok, it's the only thing on
the list right now.

That's where you folks come in.  Has anyone had any experience
actually using a crypto filesystem on a USB drive?  What utilities are
available for this?  And more importantly, what have your experiences

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