mlock: not setgid mail

Vonleigh Simmons nospam at
Sat Feb 19 10:44:09 GMT 2005

> On Wed, Feb 16, 2005 at 04:04:55AM -0800, Vonleigh Simmons wrote:
>> 	I asked this question before but I haven't found a solution. I'm
>> getting in my mail log the following entry repeated:
>> usr/local/libexec/mlock[755]: (64) not setgid mail
>> 	And I can't figure out what it's complaining about. Below is the
>> previous thread questions which ruled out some things. Any help
>> resolving this issue is greatly appreciated.
>> <
>> 067212.html>

	While looking at that thread again I found this also from Dan Nelson:
The code that does the check is this:

   struct group *grp = getgrnam ("mail");
   if (!grp || (grp->gr_gid != getegid ())) die ("not setgid 
	Looking up the man pages I see that getegid gets the group id of the 
calling process.

	What is the calling process to mlock?  I tried setting ipop2d, ipop3d 
and imapd to group mail but that didn't change anything.

Vonleigh Simmons

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