Verizon's EVDO and FreeBSD

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On Feb 18, 2005, at 12:50 AM, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:

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>> On Feb 17, 2005, at 2:03 PM, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
>>> Robert,
>>>   Hmm - The Mac source (I assume your talking Mac OS X)
>> would probably
>>> be the best to start with.  It might be a very easy port to whatever
>>> version of FreeBSD was used for the version of Mac OS X you wrote the
>>> driver for.
>> Mac OS X is not based on FreeBSD.
> Whoah there Chad!  Please refer to the following website, guy!:
> OSX_Technology
> _Overview/index.html
> Note the following statement there:
> "...Beneath the appealing, easy-to-use interface of Mac OS X is a
> rock-solid,
> UNIX-based foundation called Darwin that is engineered for stability,
> reliability,
> and performance. Darwin integrates a number of technologies, most
> importantly Mach 3.0,
> operating-system services based on FreeBSD 5,
> --------------------------^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> It has a BSD user layer and
>> compatibility layer and they DO use the FreeBSD userland for
>> their own,
> No, a lot more than that, see Darwin.

Yes, there is a BSD personality mode that offers (some) kernel services  
use BSD APIs.  This is so the userland works right and sees what it  
expects.  And so that BSD style sys utils like sysctl will work and  
stuff.  Still a layer on top of a totally different architecture.

>> but the driver level is MUCH different.
> I know that, but that is today, not yesterday.  Bob stated the "old  
> open
> source"
> driver, I took that to mean a version 1.0 driver released for the first
> ever
> version of MacOS X.

Even if it was an old driver made for the first ever version of MacOS  
X, the driver level interfaces are much different so I don't see much  
how it would help you.

Mind you, I have not written a driver for OS X or FreeBSD, but the  
opposite question often comes up on some OS X forums/lists I read...

best regards

>  I didn't know this card and service was a new thing.
> Ted

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