What is the status of gvinum in FreeBSD 5.3?

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Subject: Re: What is the status of gvinum in FreeBSD 5.3?

On Feb 17, 2005, at 3:57 PM, Bill Moran wrote:

> I was wondering about the status of gvinum in 5.3.
> I seem to remember that there were a lot of problems with gvinum in 
> 5.3,
> but searching around, I can't seem to find anything that says for sure
> one way or the other.

>>IIRC the problem is with classic vinum in 5.3, not gvinum. However 
>>gvinum is not claimed to be complete or finished.
>>I created a vinum striped array of 2 drives in 5.2.1 which caused a 
>>fair bit of trouble (rarely remembered its configure on reboot). But 
>>when I switched to gvinum (forgot exactly when) the machine has been 
>>trouble free.

Forgive my client, i'm reduced to mail2web.com for mail while i'm away from
my laptop.

I run a FBSD 5.2.1 box using VINUM with a nearly 1 terabyte RAID5 array
(Vinum has problems with 1+ TB filesystems)

The RAID5 array is super-stable, surviving system reboots and power
failures flawlessly.  In the 2 months it's been online and heavily used it
has never missed a beat. I'm not sure about the capabilities/availability
of gvinum or any software raid in 5.3, but i can attest to the speed and
robustness of vinum in 5.2.1 for sure.

David Kelly N4HHE, dkelly at HiWAAY.net
Whom computers would destroy, they must first drive mad.

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