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Wed Feb 16 16:06:05 GMT 2005

On Wed, 16 Feb 2005 16:50:56 +0100
koen de wijs <koendewijs at> wrote:

> I have a question aboout the umask under FreeBSD. I couldn't find what
> it exactly is.
> It is something for setting files how you set the 'xrwxrwxrw'
> I found a file where you could chance it but don't knwo anymore what
> it was.
> I want to use this for my ftp-server with FreeBSD.
> I have a directory 'upload' where all my friends can put there files. 
> They are all members of the group 'ftpusers'. But when they put a file
> in that directory all the other users from the group 'ftpusers' 
> canchange or delete this file. I want to change it so that the write
> bit for the group is off when someonse of the ftpusers group writes 
> something in the folder 'upload'.

afair normally you would :

- chmod 1777 your_upload_dir (for anonymous uploads)
- do *any* other permission-settings in the config of the FTP-server
you're running

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