Trouble with sshd in jail

musikcom at musikcom at
Wed Feb 16 15:35:46 GMT 2005

I have some trouble with sshd in jail. This is description 
of the problem:

I have host system based on FreeBSD 5.1 Release with IP Futher I do these steps for creating jail on 
host system:

cd /usr/src
mkdir -p /jail
make world DESTDIR=/jail
cd etc
make distribution DESTDIR=/jail
mount_devfs devfs /jail/dev
cd /jail
ln -sf dev/null kernel

OK. That's easy. Next step I edit /etc/rc.conf by 
adding/editing some lines:


and /etc/ssh/sshd_config :


OK. I do #sockstat and get only:

root   sendmail   361   4   tcp4    *:*
root   sshd       355   3   tcp4  *:*

After this doing alias for jail:

#ifconfig em0 alias

Then I start jail:

#jail /jail testhost /bin/sh /etc/rc

Two problems: then jail startup, the message "Starting 
sshd..." stops for 10 min. That's one. Then booting 
proccess continies and finish successfull. Second problem 
is when I try to connect to jail ( with ssh 
---Login as: root
AND STOPS!!! For 7-10 min. Than "password" field appears, 
but I have wait so much time...

That's the problem. Please, help if you can!
Thank you!!!
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