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Vincent Bachelier vincent_bachelier at
Wed Feb 16 11:47:05 GMT 2005

You can't run spamassassin as root (see your
Well, it fall back to nobody user, because you don't
specify anything.
The problem is that the working directory is in root
dir (/root)
Well, spamassassin running in nobody try to write in
root directory ! It's forbidden
Edit you conf and find nobody
replace it by a spamc user, you have created before
... (don't put root, it's dangerous)

ok see if it's work
see ya
 --- Eric F Crist <ecrist at> a
écrit : 
> Can anyone tell me how to fix the following two
> errors?
> Feb 15 17:43:13 grog spamd[594]: Still running as
> root: user not 
> specified with -u, not found, or set to root.  Fall
> back to nobody.
> Feb 15 17:43:13 grog spamd[594]: processing message 
> <20050215234319.24178.qmail at>
> for root:65534.
> Feb 15 17:43:13 grog spamd[594]: Cannot open bayes
> databases 
> /root/.spamassassin/bayes_* R/W: tie failed:
> Permission denied
> Feb 15 17:43:15 grog last message repeated 2 times
> I'm getting all sorts of bayes database errors.  Is
> there something I 
> didn't update when I installed the system?  Also, I
> tried a -u nobody 
> to spamd, but it just seemed to hang.
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> S.M.R.T!"
> Secure Computing Networks              -Homer J
> Simpson

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Vincent Bachelier
System: FreeBSD-5.3-RELEASE - AMD64


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