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Eric F Crist ecrist at
Tue Feb 15 23:46:04 GMT 2005

Can anyone tell me how to fix the following two errors?

Feb 15 17:43:13 grog spamd[594]: Still running as root: user not 
specified with -u, not found, or set to root.  Fall back to nobody.
Feb 15 17:43:13 grog spamd[594]: processing message 
<20050215234319.24178.qmail at> for root:65534.
Feb 15 17:43:13 grog spamd[594]: Cannot open bayes databases 
/root/.spamassassin/bayes_* R/W: tie failed: Permission denied
Feb 15 17:43:15 grog last message repeated 2 times

I'm getting all sorts of bayes database errors.  Is there something I 
didn't update when I installed the system?  Also, I tried a -u nobody 
to spamd, but it just seemed to hang.


Eric F Crist                  "I am so smart, S.M.R.T!"
Secure Computing Networks              -Homer J Simpson
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