Logo contest?!

Martin Ibert martin at ibert.com
Mon Feb 14 21:01:34 GMT 2005


I'm at a loss about whom to contact, since the PR slot on the contacts 
page only says "seat open". So I tried "questions".

I've read on slashdot that you entertain the notion of running a FreeBSD 
logo contest. As a long-time user of FreeBSD, both professionally and 
privately, I seriously question the wisdom of doing so.

For us old-timers in the IT field, the Beastie logo has always been a 
reassuring point of reference. BSD code has been renowned for being 
rock-solid, brilliantly engineered, and all that has been symbolized by 
the daemon logo.

But alas! All your sibling projects that I am aware of have chickened 
out and chosen some other imagery as their logo (NetBSD, the faceless 
banner; OpenBSD, the fat fish; Dragonfly, what choice did they have?). 
You are the last one standing, the carrier of the flag.

Please, don't chicken out like the others. Carry Chuck, the Beastie, 
forward into the new millennium, as a reassuring presence that 
excellence in coding is still alive and kicking (or be it with sneakers).

Yours sincerely

Martin Ibert
I have this theory that the universe page faulted and is now executing
garbage from the heap ... -- Mike Scandizzo, "Boat Anchor", 2000-04-05
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