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> Just curious. Why do you keep replying Anthony in such a professional
> way if all he does is promoting windows again and again.

I'm not actually replying to Anthony, because all Anthony is doing is
parroting all of the same, tired old objections to use of FreeBSD on
the desktop that are always raised.  I'm replying to those same, tired
old objections for the benefit of the newcomers to the list who
might (understandably) assume that Anthony has some deep insight on
the matter.

Like Anthony, I do use Windows on the desktop myself.  But not
And, much more importantly, I will readily admit that I haven't switched
over not because I'm claiming I can't, I haven't switched over because
of laziness.  In my case I unfortunately decided it might be a good thing
to use a Microsoft client mail program to handle e-mail.  This was a
decade ago.  I now have around ten thousand archived e-mail messages
accumulated in a massive *.pst file that I really want to keep - not
I want to look at all of them again some day, but because from time
to time I have to go digging around in that archive looking for some
specific piece from some specific person - sometimes these messages might
be 5-6 years old.

One of these days though when I get some time, that file is going to
get exported so that I can get out of dealing with Outlook.  As it is
now, Outlook is barely able to manage the archive, and usually crashes
a couple times a day.  And it's such a well written program that when
that happens, something internal to Windows gets jammed up and I have
to do a shutdown and restart.


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