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Simon Burke simon.burke at
Sun Feb 13 17:19:57 GMT 2005

On Sun, 13 Feb 2005 13:59:29 +0100, Anthony Atkielski
<atkielski.anthony at> wrote:
> Simon Burke writes:
> > Use on my SGI workstaion (IRIX), GIMP
> I said Photoshop, not GIMP.
I use photshop on IRIX i mean, and you can use gimp too, is what i meant.
> I don't want equivalents, I want the same applications.
Why? , if the equiv can get the same job done, just as wel most of the time.
> I can get Photoshop on the Mac, so moving to a Mac would not present a
> problem for Photoshop (although it would for most of my other
> applications).
You can get photoshop for unix, mainly IRIX but you can.
> > All of MS office can be run via wine ...
> Why bother, when it's so much easier to run Windows instead?
If this is your attitude why are you even using BSD, why not use MS
server and XP?
> >> Corel KnockOut
> > Quite probably plugins for GIMP to do that, infact if u know how to
> > use photoshop correctly then why would you need it?
> Have you ever used KnockOut?
> > If this means smart filesystem, then whats wronf with UFS2, ResierFS, XFS,
> No.  SFS is a spectrogram analysis system for study of human speech and
> phonology.
There is quite probably a open sourced eqiv.
> >> Rebel
> > GIMP, or stop being so fsckin lazy
> Rebel is a chess program.

> >> However, I should point out that I also have applications that will not
> >> run on Windows:
> >>
> >> BIND
> >> sendmail
> >> syslog
> >> sshd
> >> ProFTP
> >> SFTP
> > Every heard of cygwin?
> Just as it's illogical to run Windows applications in emulation under
> another OS, it's illogical to run non-Windows applications in emulation
> under Windows.
WINE is not an emulator, infact that is what wine stands for so get
your facts straight
> > There are alsways alternaitves that can do the exact same job ...
> I don't want alternatives, I want THE SAME PRODUCTS.  Why is this so
> difficult to understand?  I don't want to run just any SMTP mailer, I
> want to run sendmail.  It's as simple as that.
Why? you now seem to be contradicting your self, why dont you just use
windows then? you'll obviously be much happier

> > ... so i dont see the problem ...
> I do.  Many geeks are extremely attached to their operating systems and
> relatively indifferent to their applications, since they often never do
> anything critical or serious with their systems, anyway.  So they see no
> problem in using "equivalents" for certain applications in order to
> guarantee that they can play with their favorite operating systems.
> Non-geeks need specific applications for specific purposes, and the OS
> is irrelevant.  So if application X runs on OS Y, then OS Y is the
> obvious choice.
> The vast majority of computer users are in this latter category--even
> many IT professionals are in this category.
I would really get your facts straight before you say things, it makes
you look ignorant. People use operating systems that suit there needs,
not to be geeky, not to look down on other people. Windows is fine if
all you want to do is point and click at things.

EG, dreamweaver, its a very point click piece fo software, you dont
have to know any web language to get a fairly decent web-site out, and
that is not really a good thing.
Where as if you have more knowledge then you would prefer to be able
to have more control and input to the final prdouct where with most M$
apps you dont.

If you are implying that it is useless using open operating systems
(which it appears you are) then why are you on the mailing list.

>I've been a system developer, too, several times.  But I have neither
>the time nor the inclination to be one when I'm trying to achieve
>practical, useful goals with my computers.  Playing around with an OS is
>only practical if you have nothing else to do with a computer except
>play around with an OS.

Excuse me? are you saying the system developers just play around with
OS'es. I dont think i'd get paid £30,000 a year to play around, I
create systems for a sucsessful solutions company and are used in a
lot fo smaller companies who cant afford the extortionate prices of
M$. S please stop being so ignorant.
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