ipfilter and ntp sserver

Erik Norgaard norgaard at locolomo.org
Sun Feb 13 14:38:57 GMT 2005

dick hoogendijk wrote:
> I want my local ntp server up and running, so I put in /etc/rc.conf:
> xntpd_enable="YES" but waht are the right rules for ipfilter? Someting
> like:
> # Allow out ntp traffic
> pass out quick on rl0 proto tcp from any to any port = 123 flags S keep
> state
> pass out quick on rl0 proto udp from any to any port = 123 keep state
> Or do I have to open some ports incoming as well?

The above allows your server to request time from remote servers, either 
using ntpdate or ntpd. If you want to serve other workstations then you 
need to accept incoming connections.

> [ I think I need a good book about ipfilter ;-) ]

the ipfilter howto is good, allthough the nat-part can be a bit obscure.

> I mentioned tcp/udp because I read in /etc/services that ntp uses both.

ntp is udp-only, see rfc1305.

> Does keep state mean that automagically all incoming traffic will be OK
> (for ntp)

no. keep state means that when your server syncronizes with a remote ntp 
server, the reply packest are accepted. It does not allow incoming 

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