Solved: Re: Install 5.3 - Getting mountroot> prompt

Scott info at
Sat Feb 12 18:29:05 GMT 2005

  >   At boot, the normal countdown loader comes
  >   up and it begins to boot. The boot message
  >   gets to this drive section below and then
  >   stops at a "mountroot>" prompt.

I believe I have solved my problem.

When I was creating partitions, I first created the swap,
then /tmp to the size I wanted, and all remaining space
went to / .

I began to think and wonder if the order in which the
partitions were created makes a difference so I tried again.
I then created the swap, next / and finally /tmp.

That seems to have made a difference. It is booting normally
now unless I chose option 2 to boot without ACPI. If I boot
without ACPI, it times out when finding the drives. Any
ideas what would cause that? I'd prefer to not run ACPI on 
the server.


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