Instead of, why not...

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Sat Feb 12 12:10:16 GMT 2005

On Saturday 12 February 2005 03:44 am, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
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> > What about the other 12000 ports?  How do they do in windows?
> >
> > Likely there is a *FREE* port for most of what you listed above.
> > And if you wish to donate half of what you paid for each of those
> > listed programs
> Ah, but that is the rub, methinks.  Even if our Anthony is squeaky
> clean and paid for every one of those apps, there are so many many
> others who don't pay a dime for their Windows applications because
> they steal copies of them from their friends.
> That is one of the dirty little secrets about Windows you know.
> Price for price, for a great many people, the costs are equal.
> And not to mention all the people who got their copies legally
> yet paid nothing for them - because they happened to work at
> a company that has a Microsoft Site license.  As those of you
> know who have dealt with such things, the site licenses that
> Microsquish writes for companies over 100 head all contain
> language that -explicitly- allows any employee to make and install
> copies of the site-licensed software that they use at work, on
> their home PC.  And in some cases the companies don't even
> have to be that big to get one of these.
> Ted

Ted, one thing I've noticed in my years of computing, there is no 
shortage of stupid people.  I thank god they gravitate towards
windows and away from me. ;)



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