Freebsd vs. linux

Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at
Sat Feb 12 11:32:04 GMT 2005

Ramiro Aceves writes:

> I use Debian as my main system and I do not agree with you. I do not
> think that Linux distributions I use are doing more enphasis on the 
> desktop. At least on Debian or Gentoo (the distros I know) you always 
> have the choice (the whole OS) to install or not the X-window system.

I prefer not to have to choose among three dozen different
"distributions."  Keeping on top of releases is hard enough; having
multiple releases of multiple distributions is a useless complication.

And Gentoo seems to pop up all too often on Bugtraq (so does Linux in

> They also have a "base system" concept. If you need a server you only
> install the software you need for the server. If you want a desktop full
> of bells ans whistles, you install the X-window System, and whatever 
> window manager you like. I think it is the same for FreeBSD.

I've never noticed anything like that during installation.  You just
install FreeBSD, period.  You do have the choice of X or not, but
that's about it.

> I asume that the Debian guys are expertise enough to put that "mix" in a
> comprehensive, coherent,and consistent set of system programs to run 
> under Linux kernel, as you say.

Maybe, maybe not.  I don't have time to try out every distribution
available in the world to find out which is best.  FreeBSD has proven
itself for me, and so I run FreeBSD.  I like to keep things simple.

> My system also never hangs and works very well.

That's true of every system I have, both UNIX and Windows.  It's pretty
much the minimum one should expect from any OS these days.

> So I agree with Nick, I think Linux and FreeBSD are two great OSes, and
> that each one has its pros and cons. Choosing one or the other, is a 
> matter of taste.

Maybe.  I think Linux is a matter of hype, primarily.  It's amazing how
many Linux users had never heard of UNIX before getting involved with
Linux; indeed, some of them _still_ haven't heard of UNIX.  That is far
less the case with other UNIX-like  or UNIX-derived operating systems
(except Mac OS X).

> I although have observed that in this list, some of you hate Linux.

Choosing operating systems is not an emotional issue for me, so I don't
hate or love any OS.

> I have never seen insults to FreeBSD in the Debian e-mail lists.

Most of them have probably never heard of FreeBSD.

> Anyway, I like both very much, I am following this e-mail list and
> playing with my FreeBSD install in another slice to get confortable and
> perhaps, one day, I will change.

I remember when I had the luxury of being able to play with operating
systems, instead of depending on them for productive work.  I can't
afford that today.


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