Freebsd vs. linux

Ramiro Aceves ea1abz at
Sat Feb 12 11:10:31 GMT 2005

Anthony Atkielski wrote:
> Still another reason why I prefer FreeBSD is that it places far less
> emphasis on the desktop.  Linux has been moving more and more towards a
> desktop because that's where the hype and money is perceived to be.

Hello Anthony and FreeBSD fans

I use Debian as my main system and I do not agree with you. I do not 
think that Linux distributions I use are doing more enphasis on the 
desktop. At least on Debian or Gentoo (the distros I know) you always 
have the choice (the whole OS) to install or not the X-window system. 
They also have a "base system" concept. If you need a server you only 
install the software you need for the server. If you want a desktop full 
of bells ans whistles, you install the X-window System, and whatever 
window manager you like. I think it is the same for FreeBSD. I have seen 
that the great ports collection contains the same software that I have 
on Debian.

> Unfortunately, a kernel alone doesn't make an operating system.  So
> people began adding programs to the kernel in order to provide something
> complete enough to actually run as an OS.  Different organizations added
> a different mix of programs, and each mix today is called a
> "distribution."  No two distributions are alike.  The set of programs
> you get in your Linux OS from Red Hat isn't the same as the set of
> programs you get in your OS from Debian, and so on.
> The Linux situation is pretty unusual.  Most operating systems,
> including FreeBSD, are supplied as complete operating systems from the
> start, including not only a kernel but also a comprehensive, coherent,
> and consistent set of system programs to run under that kernel.  You
> don't need a "distribution"; the OS already contains everything you need
> to run the system.  In my view, this greatly improves reliability,
> stability, and coherent of the OS, as there is only one version of the
> OS for each release, and it is complete in itself.

I asume that the Debian guys are expertise enough to put that "mix" in a 
comprehensive, coherent,and consistent set of system programs to run 
under Linux kernel, as you say. My system also never hangs and works 
very well.

So I agree with Nick, I think Linux and FreeBSD are two great OSes, and 
that each one has its pros and cons. Choosing one or the other, is a 
matter of taste.

I although have observed that in this list, some of you hate Linux.
I have never seen insults to FreeBSD in the Debian e-mail lists. They 
some times talk about some experiences about FreeBSD, but never say 
things like " such crap FreeBSD ......" as I have heard here many times.
Be in peace my friends.

Anyway, I like both very much, I am following this e-mail list and 
playing with my FreeBSD install in another slice to get confortable and 
perhaps, one day, I will change. Also I try to help the FreeBSD proyect 
submitting some bug reports as I found them. I am not an expert but I 
enjoy helping others.

PS: I am a christian and I DO NOT see any reasons to hate the beastie. I 
love the beastie, I find  it nice, pleasant and kind. I like it very 
much. Do not change it please! ;-)

Sorry for my bad english.
Enjoy the Free OSes.


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