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Louis LeBlanc FreeBSD at
Sat Feb 12 07:22:02 GMT 2005

On 02/11/05 09:41 PM, Jay Kinkade sat at the `puter and typed:
> Hey, could not help following this "beastie" logo thing in
> freeBSD-questions. Wow, who would have thought that all these
> usually sane, inovative, freeBSD loving posters could be so fierce.
> Good for them(you)!

Thank you.  I think ;)

> I thought the logo was anti-God when I first saw it and was afriad
> of it, in a way. After a while that feeling went away and was
> replaced with the feeling of pride and statisfaction of a great OS
> that is better than any other, that is, especially Windows.

Not sure I remember what I thought at first.  At the time I think I
was still trying to convince myself I was a faithful Christian.  I
don't think I EVER associated Beastie with the Devil.  Maybe that's an
indication I had already filed him (Satan) and my previous faith into
the mythology drawer.  Regardless, I congratulate you on seeing past
your initial hangups. :)

> No matter how things turn out in the end, freeBSD is a solid OS and
> deserves to take it's rightful position in the market place. Face it
> things change.  Not that I'm avocating this a a good or need change,
> however, one that should be carefully looked it from all angles,
> with the freeBSD projects best intentions in mind. That's my mind,
> thanks for listening.

You know, I was one of the more vocal opponents to any change
whatsoever.  I still seriously oppose any change, but now I'm just a
little tired of the war, and I have stepped back and recognized that
I'm NOT a real contributor, but just a user, so I really shouldn't be
such a fanatical opponent to any changes.  While I am attached to
Beastie for reasons I can't really explain at this point - not sure if
it's the because of the crazy night out with the guys or just plain
mental (emotional?) fatigue on this particular issue - I do understand
that I should really just voice my opinion as a FreeBSD user then shut
up.  That is the reason I have effectively stopped taking part in the
relevant threads - I only read your message because it is a new
thread.  Ok, overly talkative - that's certainly Sam Adams talking.
Don't mind the spelling accuracy.  I'm obsessive compulsive, and typed
every third word four times :)

'nuf said, In short, I have to agree with your last point absolutely
and completely.  *Well said*.

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