Beastie Logo, humble thoughts

Jay Kinkade at
Sat Feb 12 02:41:39 GMT 2005

Hey, could not help following this "beastie" logo thing in 
freeBSD-questions. Wow, who would have thought that all these usually sane, 
inovative, freeBSD loving posters could be so fierce. Good for them(you)!

I thought the logo was anti-God when I first saw it and was afriad of it, in 
a way. After a while that feeling went away and was replaced with the 
feeling of pride and statisfaction of a great OS that is better than any 
other, that is, especially Windows.

No matter how things turn out in the end, freeBSD is a solid OS and deserves 
to take it's rightful position in the market place. Face it things change. 
Not that I'm avocating this a a good or need change, however, one that 
should be carefully looked it from all angles, with the freeBSD projects 
best intentions in mind. That's my mind, thanks for listening.

Jay Kinkade 

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