Freebsd vs. linux

W. D. WD at
Sat Feb 12 06:22:26 GMT 2005

At 22:13 2/11/2005, Peterhin wrote:
>Good day, I am a Newbie to Freebsd and was  just reading your reply
> "Re. Instead of, why not..."  and you made the comment;
>"Linux is inferior to FreeBSD, and yet it is taken more seriously 
>because of the atmosphere around it, despite its technical inferiority"
>Could you please either explain, why Freebsd is superior to Linux, (I am 
>asking this as I would like to understand, in more depth, why it is 
>better) or direct me to a source that might give me some further 
>reading on the subject.
>I would really appreciate a better understanding of the differences 
>between Freebsd and Linux.

FreeBSD vs. Linux discussions:

Much of what runs on Linux also runs on FreeBSD, either
'natively' or using Linux emulation.

Here is an installation how-to that I've worked up:


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