Freebsd vs. linux

Peterhin hindrich at
Sat Feb 12 04:13:03 GMT 2005

Good day, I am a Newbie to Freebsd and was  just reading your reply
 "Re. Instead of, why not..."  and you made the comment;
"Linux is inferior to FreeBSD, and yet it is taken more seriously 
because of the atmosphere around it, despite its technical inferiority"

Could you please either explain, why Freebsd is superior to Linux, (I am 
asking this as I would like to understand, in more depth, why it is 
better) or direct me to a source that might give me some further 
reading on the subject.
I would really appreciate a better understanding of the differences 
between Freebsd and Linux.

Thanking you for your time.

"Peace is never more than one thought away"

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