Please don't change Beastie to another crap logo such as NetBSD!!!

Dag-Erling Smørgrav des at
Fri Feb 11 06:15:33 PST 2005

cpghost at writes:
> Imagine Linux dropping Tux for some meanlingless, lifeless logo?

I'm glad you asked.

Tux is a mascot, not a logo.  These are Linux logos:

The image that is sometimes used as an all-round Linux logo is not
"just Tux", but rather a particular representation of Tux in
combination with a logotype and an orange splash.  The author of that
logo is clearly aware of the distinction between a logo and a mascot:

Likewise, Beastie is a mascot, not a logo.  In fact, it fails the
primary and most important test of logoness: it is not exclusive to
the FreeBSD project, but is shared by all BSD projects.  It also fails
several other important tests of logoness: it is not under the FreeBSD
project's direct control (our use of it is subject to the whim and
mercy of Kirk McKusick); it is not a registered trademark; it is
probably too diluted already to even be eligible to be registered as a
trademark.  This does not even begin to consider the technical aspects
(ease of reproduction, scalability, representability in monochrome,
recognizability under different and sometimes difficult conditions,

Here's a page (a NetBSD logo contest entry) which addresses many of
these concerns, and coincidentally underlines my point about the
daemon not being exclusive to FreeBSD:

(this is so good I'm surprised NetBSD didn't adopt it, and I'd love to
see it submitted to the FreeBSD logo contest)

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