single box handling multiple ips, how?

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Thu Feb 10 17:55:02 PST 2005

Ken Hawkins <ken at> writes:

> I do not know what the '' is about, more specifically he
> .net"." (dot on the end). i took this for the initial setup that was
> done on the box' initial entry in the /etc/hosts.

It looks like a DNS map, but that's not what should go in hosts(5).

> ok what am i doing...
> I have apache running on the box and would like to use 3 diffferent
> IP's to try and keep (somewhat separate) the traffic, logging,
> etc. for the Virtual Hosts that are running there.
> ultimately I will have;
> <ip address 1> resolve to -> website 1
> <ip address 2> resolve to -> website 2
> <ip address 3> resolve to -> website 3
> obviously they will bind to the same box but i would like to have them
> to separate ip's to ease some maintenance on the box, redirect traffic
> when needed, blah, blah.
> I know that I can Name more than one VirtualHost ie;
> NameVirtualHost ???.???.???.151:80
> NameVirtualHost ???.???.???.152:80
> NameVirtualHost ???.???.???.153:80
> and then the normal VirtualHost directive via IP's but I want to make
> sure that the box will answer to those ip's when we flip the DNS
> switch.
> am i making sense? did i leave anything beyond the bind directive's out?

Sure, it makes sense, but you're making it more complicated than you
need to.  At the very least, you're making the description more
complicated than you need to.

Don't worry about virtual hosts on Apache until you have the DNS
configured for the addresses.  And don't worry about the DNS until you
have all of the IP addresses configured on the relevant interface.

So the first step will be configuring the interface.  Verify this by
pinging each of the addresses from outside.  The next step will be
configuring the DNS, which you can test by pinging the distinct DNS
name for each address in turn.  Then once that is working, you can
configure Apache to handle IP-based virtual hosts for each address.

Good luck.

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