Please don't change Beastie to another logo such asNetBSD!!!

Bob Johnson bob89 at
Thu Feb 10 15:44:36 PST 2005

> Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 15:31:30 -0600 
From: Jacob S <stormspotter at>
Subject: Re: Please don't change Beastie to another logo such asNetBSD!!!


> Maybe 'beastie' will turn away some potential users, and maybe it's not
> "politically correct", and maybe it's not the optimal "business image".
> But please stop saying this is all because of some "wacko Bible
> thumpers" that don't like daemons. All of the Christians I know are
> smart enough to recognize the difference between a "demon" and a Disk
> And Executive MONitor[1]. 

I work in an office largely populated by born-again Christians, and some 
of them very definitely object to the BSD logo.  Even after I explained 
the  "daemon" thing, they still didn't think BSD should use "The Devil" 
as its logo.

It IS because of "Bible thumpers".  If it weren't for them, we wouldn't 
be having this discussion.

> And a very poor example, IMHO. Can you give any proof that it's a valid
> example to say that Christians object to the use of the acronym "daemon"
> in Unix-like operating systems? I have not been able to find any proof
> on this list, the 19 Linux e-mail lists I am on, or the 2 or 3
> computer/programming forums I occasionally visit. 

Only my personal experience.  In addition to not being comfortable with 
the BSD logo, a couple of the programmers here didn't like my 
Ouija-board mouse pad, because they associated it with the occult, and 
thus The Devil.

- Bob

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