DNS virgin

Kevin Kinsey kdk at daleco.biz
Thu Feb 10 14:41:56 PST 2005

kilim wrote:

>being a DNS virgin I deceided to post this after reading through Dns &
>Bind book and various on/off-line documentation.
>I have loads of questions even though I've read through this
>stuff. And I'm hoping that you can help me clarify them. Thanks in
>advance !
>   Now that I've registered a certain domain through godaddy.com I
>   wish to set up my own DNS server. In the Godaddy's web interface
>   there is a way to set two new DNS server. Can I just put one of the
>   server to be my DNS primary leaving out the secondary ? Or can I
>   leave their server to be my secondary ?

I don't know if GoDaddy would provide this service for you or not.
They might, and if so, probably you have to request it and pay a

>   I'm asking this because I'm on DSL with a static IP, but don't want
>   to have two server just for DNS.
>   By going the this way, with only one DNS server, this wouldn't be
>   proper and safe right ?

Well, first, make sure that running servers is within the ISP's
TOS agreement.

You really *should* have 2 DNS servers ... if you have only one
and it goes down for too long a time period. your domains
will disappear from the worldwide system until you get it
back up.  I suppose it's conceivable that a lot of traffic against
that DSL modem might even cause some requests to fail.

And, if possible, they should be on different networks.  My
company found this out the hard way once, when the upstream
provider had difficulties and both our existing DNS boxes,
though they were running fine, disappeared.  Fortunately
we were able to resolve the issue before too much mail
started flying around in la la land.

That said, you could put a site "on the air" without a secondary,
but I wouldn't charge people to use it.  ;-)

Try googling for "free secondary name servers" or somesuch.
I'm pretty sure that there is/are an organization(s) that does
secondary DNS for free, or at least there *used* to be.

Good luck!

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

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