DNS virgin

kilim kilim at phenix.rootshell.be
Thu Feb 10 14:13:23 PST 2005


being a DNS virgin I deceided to post this after reading through Dns &
Bind book and various on/off-line documentation.

I have loads of questions even though I've read through this
stuff. And I'm hoping that you can help me clarify them. Thanks in
advance !

   Now that I've registered a certain domain through godaddy.com I
   wish to set up my own DNS server. In the Godaddy's web interface
   there is a way to set two new DNS server. Can I just put one of the
   server to be my DNS primary leaving out the secondary ? Or can I
   leave their server to be my secondary ?

   I'm asking this because I'm on DSL with a static IP, but don't want
   to have two server just for DNS.
   By going the this way, with only one DNS server, this wouldn't be
   proper and safe right ?

Thank you

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