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Garance A Drosihn drosih at rpi.edu
Thu Feb 10 13:29:27 PST 2005

At 9:37 PM +0100 2/10/05, Anthony Atkielski wrote:
>Julio Capote writes:
>  > Untrue, I know a NUMBER of emerging graphic artists, who would
>  > kill for this kind of exposure, and are much better than any
>  > commercialized firm I've seen.
>If they are so good, why would they kill for this kind of exposure?

You've never heard of a startup firm?  Perhaps a startup made of
recent college graduates?  They might not "kill" for the chance,
but if they do have some spare time they might find this an
attractive project to spend some time on.

>The world of commercial art is no exception to the rule that you
>get what you pay for.

Uh, the same could be said for programming.  So why are you using
an open-source operating system which is largely supported by people
who are NOT paid to work on it?  And who give it away for Free?

>Good graphic art is worth paying for; for a
>price of zero dollars, you'll get zero quality.  Exceptions are
>very, very rare, and cannot be depended on.  And an amateurish
>logo would be quite a liability.

Technically this is not for zero dollars.  There is a monetary
prize involved for the winner, as well as the exposure.  And even
if the project does not pick your logo, I believe your logo will
still be seen by others, and someone *else* might think "Hey, that
person has some talent!"

Listen, if all we come up with is crappy logo submissions, then
we won't actually switch to any new logo.  We're just trying to
see what people *can* come up with, and maybe reward them a little
bit for making the effort.

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