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Jorn Argelo jorn at
Thu Feb 10 04:56:34 PST 2005

On Thu, 10 Feb 2005 09:54:23 -0200, Luís Vitório Cargnini wrote
> thanks, but the problem is that it's using and even when i kill process
> the memory usage remains ontouched and swap never been free.

You're comparing the memory management with Windows. BSD and Linux do it
completely different. As long as you still have free space in your RAM, it's
not going to remove the program from your RAM. Unlike Windows, which kicks it
out at the moment the program is being closed. 

If you run top, you have an memory overview. The active part is the RAM it's
really using. The other ones are not really being used but are just stored in
case you restart them again. It's kind of the same idea as the cache with an CPU.

Why not use all the memory the system has? It's by far a better system then
Windows does if you ask me.


> On Fri, 2005-02-04 at 07:06 -0500, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> > Luís Vitório Cargnini <cargnini at> writes:
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> > Solve what?  Nothing you've mentioned is a problem.  
> > 
> > See the FAQ entry "Why does top show very little free memory even when
> > I have very few programs running?": 
> >
> > 
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